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Chiditarod 2007 Video: Chicago’s urban shopping cart race

March 5th, 2007 — 5:40pm

On March 3, 2007, more than 200 people gathered in twenty-degree weather to celebrate the second annual Chiditarod (read the Metromix preview here). Chicago’s urban shopping cart race pits human ingenuity against the elements, while collecting canned goods for donation.

Central to the Chiditarod’s philosophy is a “leave no trace,” environmentally friendly orientation. Most of the people in attendance are in some way, shape or form affiliated with the regional Burning Man community, a movement that started in California in the mid-80’s.

While a host of photographers, videographers and reporters hustled from checkpoint to checkpoint, gathering as much footage as they could, I chose to embed with one team: the Corporate Dalliances. Self-described as a ragtag gang representing the mainstream, the team utilized hard work, determination, and a fair amount of dubious tactics to win this year’s Chiditarod.

This is their story. Continue reading »

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